Constable's Foreclosure Seminar

MYOBusiness understands that most companies, especially startups, are constantly searching for ways to increase sales and generate revenue. We believe in providing you with the resources that support your ever changing business needs, for that reason we have teamed up with The Daily Court Review.

Every day The Daily Court Review delivers the freshest most accurate New Business Leads. In addition they have been Harris County's newspaper of record for public notices and Constable's Foreclosure Auction.

As an added service, The Daily Court Review provides seminars that focus on answering the questions you have about how the foreclosure process works.

Constable's Foreclosure Seminar
Register for a 3-day seminar that will teach you information regarding the purchasing of tax foreclosure real estate at the Constable’s Foreclosure Auction. For details regarding seminar dates visit The Daily Court Review's website.

The Seminars cover a variety of topics each day.

       * An introduction to the Constable’s Foreclosure Auction process
       * Learn how to read the data, find the best deals and how to purchase foreclosed real estate
       * Topics covered include background on current Texas statutes and obtaining title insurance
       * Conduct your own title research and familiarize yourself with how to research tax foreclosure real estate
       * Multiple student resources are available

       * Subscribers: $219
       * Non-subscribers: $249

Sign up online (be sure to go to the bottom of the page to register). For more information, please email Kent Njaa at or call (713) 869-5434.